2018 IRONMAN Taiwan 澎湖國際鐵人三項賽, 台灣, 星期四, 04. 十月 2018

Race Day: Sunday, October 7
比賽日: 2018.10.7 (日)

歡迎來到 2018 IRONMAN Taiwan 澎湖國際鐵人三項賽開放活動群組!!
The 2018 IRONMAN Taiwan group page has been developed to allow Athletes, Family & Friends racing or attending IRONMAN Taiwan to have collaborative interaction about this race and the Taitung area in regard to triathlon. To help maintain a clean, useful, user friendly layout of this group we ask that only topics that pertain to this race be communicated in this open forum. We strongly encourage open communication and collaboration on and about IRONMAN Taiwan. There is so much to learn and be aware of with this race and who better than the veterans of this race to communicate with new athletes coming in to race.
We also want to make a warning statement that if anyone post anything on this page that DOES NOT pertain to IRONMAN Taiwan, the Taitung area in regard to triathlon, or info pertaining to this race then the person is subject to losing their acceptance as a member of this event. Please follow these minimum standards and you will thourghly enjoy the IRONMAN Taiwan event page. Good luck sharing, planning, and racing....and we look forward to celebrate your achievment with you at the Finish Line!!

星期四, 04. 十月 2018, 台灣, 2018 IRONMAN Taiwan 澎湖國際鐵人三項賽